Earlybird rates end in:

WORM ALERT: Have you got yours yet? The early-bird discount to take part in the Chelsea Fringe ends on 31 March. Register by next Sunday and we’ll knock 10% off the fee. You’ll also get a pin and a listing on our printed map.

But you know all that! Because we’ve talked about this quite a lot. But maybe what we haven’t said enough about is ALL the other benefits to signing up now.

So here are nine reasons to be a Chelsea Fringe early bird:

  • You will save a bit of money, which you can spend on seeds and plants, or chocolate (all our Fringe champions seem to be chocaholics!).
  • Your listing – that great title and mouthwatering blurb – will appear on our website now and get two months’ exposure before the festival starts.
  • Having your name on our map means 2,000 people will read it and know to find out more.
  • That journalist who wanted pictures for their article now because deadlines are long? Well, our press team can send them yours.
  • We can also start sharing your social media posts and spreading the lurve to our thousands of followers
  • You can hook up with other Fringe-y folk – with projects in your neighbourhood or who do something similar to you – and support each other.
  • Visitors can put your event in their diary and plan their day around you – rather than trying to squeeze you in later to plans already made.
  • You can start taking bookings and selling tickets – or giving them away free. It makes planning so much easier.
  • Seeing their name in lights will motivate everyone involved – staff and volunteers. It’s very exciting to be part of something big like the Chelsea Fringe.

Quite a plump little worm, don’t you think!?