On 24 May, Alys Fowler will lead a walk in the vicinty of Oxford House, in Bethnal Green, searching for ‘wildings’, as part of the ‘Where the Wild Things Grow‘ Fringe project. She explains what a ‘wilding’ is and what she hopes to stumble across.

What is a wilding?
Something wild in a cultivated spot, often a plant or an animal. But, for me, the term also embraces our wild spirit, the bit of you that wants to just run with nature rather than merely peek at it.

What inspired the collaboration with Paul Debois, the photographer and artist Lynn Keddie?
I love collaborative work, and I liked the idea of a theme being interpreted by different mediums.

What are some of the best wildings you’ve seen recently?
A whole bank of lady’s smock at Belfast International airport, next to a landing strip. People often think it’s a tiny plant because they only see it in flower when it’s been mowed a lot. Here, left untethered, it had grown blousy. It was a nice introduction to that part of the world.

What are you hoping to see on your guided ‘Wildings’ walk on 24 May?
Elderflower, because I can’t get enough of it at this time of year. And perhaps the first lime flowers of the season.

Are you hoping to see any other Fringe events?
Yes, but my schedule is so hectic I have no idea when! I’d like to get to the bee hive sculpture at Chelsea Physic Garden

For more information on this event, go to the Where the Wild Things Grow website.