Last month, at our first Chelsea Fringe general meeting of the year at Inner Temple, our Henley-on-Thames satellite co-ordinator Jane Macfarlane-Duckworth gave us a brilliant summary of everything you need to know about setting up a Chelsea Fringe event.  Here are some of her golden tips

  • Chelsea Fringe is an opportunity to work outside normal professional or economic parameters and expectations
  • Find like minded individuals to work with (or ask your satellite coordinator if they know of any)
  • Spend time really thinking through your idea – it is the unconventional ideas and experiences that works best
  • Make sure your project is truly inclusive – communicate that ALL are welcome – and ask local groups* / local media to publicise your project with their members / followers
  • Think about the logistics – how your guests will experience your project throughout the duration of the project (make wet weather plans etc) – plan and document for future projects
  • Consider ticketing tools such as eventbrite as ticketed events surprisingly proved better attended than non-ticketed
  • Run your project in a relaxed and open fashion – many guests attend alone or are a little unsure of what they are coming to – and it is essential that they FEEL welcome and part of Chelsea Fringe
  • Schedule time to socialise before and after your event and communicate this in any publicity material, collect contact details
  • Encourage each other to share project details with their ‘interested friends and family’ contacts, attend each others events and publicise on social media using agreed #hashtags #chelseafringe #chelseafringehenley

* online groups/communities (FB / IG particularly localised), pensioners clubs, bloggers, Council gardeners, allotment associations, College lecturers and students, local arts clubs and collectives, religious / spiritual groups, local radio gardening expert, local charities such as National Trust / English Heritage (wonderful databases)

More to follow