Amicia de Moubray is a journalist, author and owner of a beautiful garden open to the public in Kent. She’s been involved with the Chelsea Fringe from the very beginning. In fact, Amicia was responsible for starting the whole satellite Fringe ‘thing’ – by putting on her own events and recruiting others nearby to do the same. Thus Chelsea Fringe Kent was born. Now we have outposts of horticultural quirkiness all round the world.

What has been your favourite Chelsea Fringe moment? Participating in a herbal walk and demonstration organised by @apotheca of Faversham, Kent.

Why did you want to get involved in the Fringe? Because it offers a witty contemporary take on all things horticulture, which is appealing to all ages.

Tell us three words that sum up the Chelsea Fringe for you? Fun. Greenery. Quirky.

What’s your top tip for someone taking part in the Fringe for the first time? Think outside the box and imagine what you would like to attend yourself.

Who is your gardening hero? Anna Pavord.

What is your guilty pleasure, gardening or otherwise? Eating too much chocolate.

What do you listen while you work? Radio 4 or podcasts of BBC Radio 3’s Private Passions.

Twitter @dodplacegdns

Instagram @doddingtonplacegardens

Image: Amicia de Moubray

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