The first ever Chelsea Fringe Festival ran from May 19 until June 10, 2012, with 100 garden-related events and projects spread across London and beyond. Everything from community and guerilla gardening projects, to pop-up restaurants and shops, performances and art installations.

We worked with hundreds of project organisers from this country and abroad, and thousands of people visited Fringe events across the three-week period (we even had a royal visit!) You can read all about what happened at 2012/, where all the details are archived.

Volunteer-run and currently unsponsored, the Chelsea Fringe team was delighted at the size and scope of the first year — we never dreamed we would get 100 projects. We are now working on Chelsea Fringe 2013 (May 25 to June 16) and would love to hear from you if you want to get involved either as a project organiser, or as a volunteer with the Fringe itself. We’ve had a fantastic start and we think our Fringe will grow and grow.

And we’re not just going to be around at festival time — we want the Chelsea Fringe to be a highlight and platform for ‘fringe gardening’ events and initiatives which happen all year round, not just in May and June. So get in touch and get involved — let’s make the Chelsea Fringe 2013 even better than our first year! You can reach us at