Press – Key Facts

  • There were more than 200 Chelsea Fringe events last year
  • Registration is now open and early bird rates apply until 31 March but registration will continue right through the Fringe: 16th to 24th May 2020
  • An estimated 200,000 people attended Fringe events over last year’s nine day period.
  • “Achieved 41% awareness of the Chelsea Fringe among Londoners in one year alone.” Source: Fly Research, June 2012
  • Projects ranged from community-garden events to avant-garde art installations, from walks, talk and performances, to workshops, dinners, demonstrations and on-street ‘happenings’. Nearly all the events were free
  • The Fringe, a community interest company (CIC), is almost entirely volunteer-run.
  • Around 400 individuals created the events, while the Chelsea Fringe itself was run by a team of approximately 50 volunteers
  • The Chelsea Fringe attracts national and international media coverage, including BBC and ITV television news, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio London, as well as articles/listings in all the major broadsheet newspapers. The Fringe was particularly well supported by The Daily Telegraph, the Independent on Sunday and The Guardian
  • HRH The Duchess of Cornwall visited four Fringe venues/events in Hackney and Shoreditch across an entire morning in the middle of the Fringe’s first year
  • The Chelsea Fringe is a true Fringe festival in that it operates on the Fringe of an established event or festival [in this case, Chelsea Flower Show], and it works on an ‘open-access principle’, in that if it’s interesting, legal and on the topic of plants, gardens or landscape, it’s in!
  • Anyone can enter a project in the Chelsea Fringe on payment of a registration fee.
  • There is an increasing national and international component to the Fringe. In its first year a number of international artists participated, and the intention has always been to spread the Fringe ideal more widely.  ‘Satellite’ Fringes have taken place in the UK in Aberdeen, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Kent; and further afield in Bergamo, Brescia, Etna, Florence, Milan; Ljubljana; Fukuoka & Nagoya and Melbourne. Last year we added Argentina and Canada to the list
  • The Chelsea Fringe operates with the blessing of the Royal Horticultural Society, organisers of Chelsea Flower Show.
  • The Fringe does not last for just nine days. We continue to encourage the spread of ‘fringe gardening’ (as we like to call it) all year round
  • The Fringe was an original idea by founder-director Tim Richardson, a garden writer and historian
  • Preparations for Chelsea Fringe 2020 are well under way, with the Fringe’s project co-ordinators working to make ideas come to life

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