Protected: Registration step one

You are only a few steps away from being part of the Chelsea Fringe 2017!

If you have not already contacted the Chelsea Fringe to discuss your project, please email For those of you who have been issued with a Project Co-ordinator, please contact them to give you the password to allow you to continue with the registration process.

For your information, rates are below:-

  • Standard registration: £155 / Early Bird £139.50
  • Larger charities rate: £105 / Early Bird £94.50
  • Colleges, hospitals, museums, schools and other public institutions: £105 / Early Bird £94.50
  • Small community gardening groups, run by volunteers: £30 / Early Bird £27
  • Individual self-funded artists and designers: £30 / Early Bird £27
  • Web-based projects: £25 / Early Bird £22.50
  • Each organisation need only register once; any additional projects can be registered at a charge of £1 for each additional project.

Registration will remain open throughout the duration of the Chelsea Fringe

What happens next:

Step 1: We need your contact details and your payment.

Step 2: Once we have these details, you will be asked to submit further information about your event or project, including a photograph, so it can be put on the Chelsea Fringe website.

Many thanks,

Chelsea Fringe

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To begin the registration process please enter the secret password we supplied you with below:

(if you don’t have this and haven’t yet been assigned a co-ordinator, please email

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