Cranbrook Goes Nuts caught the fun on video, loads of you are in this photo album which includes The Cactus House, spooky pics from the little shop of horrors at South London Botanical Institute and beautiful shots from Buenos Aires.

Online you shared an astounding amount of photos of #mygardenrightnow, Joe DT caught night time walkers on a bat walk – here you can see the group crumbling bat poo in their hands to show how clean it is (it’s just insect skeletons don’t you know) sprinkle it on your cornflakes no problem.

This hilarious entry in to Chelsea Fringe Henley’s floating flotilla is a must see, these sunflowers will brighten up anyone’s day, gong time was joyfully captured here and tonnes of you turned up for the Guerrilla Garden tour.

Gorgeous pic here from some very cool placard makers at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden and some wonderful hanging garden creations here.

The fringe is all about what you bring to the events – and I feel that there’s a delight in all of these pictures that captures a message that is perhaps more important than ever: we can do amazing things together and we make beautiful communities. Thank you.

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