Oranges & Lemons garden, St Leonard's, Shoreditch

Oranges & Lemons Garden, Shoreditch (photo Paul Debois)

2012 was an auspicious year for the first ever Chelsea Fringe – with the spotlight of the world trained on London for the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, the Fringe was a glorious celebration of something else we do very well in Britain: gardening. But while the London Olympics and the Jubilee were once in a lifetime events (and probably just as well – there’s only so much excitement the collective consciousness can take), after just one outing the Fringe looks set to become a summer institution with preparations already underway on the 2013 edition.

Yes, the days may be getting shorter and colder, and most sensible gardeners will have long since diverted themselves indoors to scrutinise seed catalogues by the fireside, but the Chelsea Fringe volunteers are hard at work making ideas become a reality next summer. Over 100 projects have expressed an early interest in taking part in 2013 and there are some exciting, high-profile venues in the pipeline to make next year’s event even more inspirational. No names, no pack-drill at the moment I’m afraid, but we’ll keep you posted.

And the excitement certainly isn’t confined to Chelsea or even London – despite its name the Fringe has always been envisaged as national and international in scope and the 2013 line up looks set to include satellite venues in Bristol, Brighton and Vienna.

Don’t forget anyone can enter a project so if those seed catalogues are proving more than usually inspirational, do get in touch with your ideas.