For a festival about an activity as hands-on as gardening, this year’s Fringe has a surprisingly strong showing of intangible, virtual events that are being held entirely in the ether.  Meaning there’s no need to get dirt under your fingernails or endure the time-honoured gardeners’ maladies of back/knee/hip (delete as appropriate) ache in the process of taking part.

And for events like the National Trust’s Dawn Chorus event you don’t even need to be in possession of a garden, just a decent alarm clock.  This virtual happening will take place in the Twittersphere in the early hours of 9th June, the final day of the Fringe, and extends an invitation to people all over the UK to tweet their observations of the dawn chorus.  It’s being orchestrated by a posse of 7 artists stationed at National Trust properties across London, who will be getting up with the lark to add their own observations (in 140 characters or less) to a dawn chorus the like of which no terrestrial twitcher will ever have witnessed before. Join in by tweeting to and following @NTlovesLondon, or follow it by using #dawnchorus.

In the meantime, poet Sarah Salway continues her virtual peregrination around the fringe – to date she has visited some 16 Fringe sites and posted words and pictures poetic about each one of them on her website  With 4 days of Fringe still to go, there’s plenty more scope for the Muse to strike – and that means for you just as much as for Sarah, who provides helpful prompts should you want to keep her company in the creative stakes.  Stay up to date with Sarah’s progress by following @sarahsalway on Twitter.

For Michelle Chapman (aka the blogger Veg Plotting,, it was an earthbound Fringe event that provided the inspiration behind her event, Chelsea Fringe…the Bloggers Cut. Unable to attend the Cake Sunday celebrations orchestrated by the Blackstock Triangle Gardeners on 2 June or indeed any of the Fringe events being held in her more local Fringe satellite of Bristol, Michelle decided to create her own cake, gardening and blogging Fringe event on the web, having realised that “there’s truly no physical boundary to the Fringe”.

Part of the thinking behind the Bloggers Cut – in which bloggers are invited to share their garden-related cake experiences on 2 June was wanting to show anyone can take part in the Chelsea Fringe no matter where they’re located.   Michelle liked the idea of bringing people together who are hundreds of miles apart with a common aim of celebrating all aspects of gardening, friendship… and cake.

The Veg Plotting blog forms the central hub for the event with links to all participants for a world-wide virtual garden and cake tour across the web.

Michelle is thoroughly enjoying the Bloggers’ Cut contributions received to date, and she reports that the ‘area’ covered by the event is “approx 400 miles north to south and over 200 miles east to west so far!” She putting together a map of the event, which can be found on,-1.977539&spn=7.837467,20.236816

The Fringe blog post deadline is June 9th – so there’s still time to contribute, consume cake and be part of this innovative Fringe event!